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About us..

A few years ago we identified a niche in the market to create A few years ago we identified a niche in the market to create a ‘pop up’ theatre at Christmas.
Having already managed and created lots of different Christmas events and themed parties we felt an experience for all the family was still missing.
We created 'The Missing Antler' and literally overnight this beautiful film was an instant hit with all the family of all ages.
We then decided to make 'The Sleigh Adventure' and 'Rocket’s Christmas Eve'.
All three films continue to achieve great success here in the UK and now we are pleased to be offering worldwide licencing opportunities.
There are also costume characters and lots of licenced merchandise available.
All three films were created, produced and written by Melanie Hurley, the brand owner of Rocket Entertainments Ltd.
Rocket the Reindeer is trademarked and copywritten worldwide 2009. Missing Antler – running time 15 minutes Sleigh Adventure – running time 12 minutes Rockets Christmas Eve – Running time 12 minutes
Available for download this Christmas from I Tunes.
Merchandise is also available. 
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